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     The MBC team provides to community, MBC FIFA World Cup 2018 Competition. In this competition participants can choose favorite team and make a bet. The winner can be one or more participants. Winners will share the prize fund with each other(equal parts). The MBC development team made 1000 MBC prize fund, which can grow up by the participants. 
Participation in the competition costs 25 MBC.
Participants have to send 25 MBC to the next MBC address for participate in competition MNw18ene17yH6tm9Dky245gUNL1ByNKCgZ
If one participant wins, he will take away the prize fund.
If several participants win, they will share the prize fund with each other.
1. Be attention while filling the form. 
   1.1 Participant, who filled this form wrong, will be banned.
2. Participant can choose one team.
   2.1 Choosing more than one team is forbidden.
◆ Spreadsheet will be available for all participants during the competition.
◆ Results of competition will be available 16-17 July.
◆ The MBC DEV team will add 1000 MBC to the prize fund.


Prize fund address: MNw18ene17yH6tm9Dky245gUNL1ByNKCgZ

Fill this form for participate: